Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Blog You Say??

Thats right everyone, I just recently remembered that I have one of these things. It has only been since spring break that I last made an entry, so this one may closely mirror my previous post. Different classes same story. I had two tests before this week, and they both went mediocre to fairly well. I hit the class average in Organic Chemistry, which isnt much of an accomplishment, but I guess you gotta take what you can get. In physics I have done fairly well so far and I think I did alright on my test, but wont know until after the break. Other than that my life continues in its increasingly boring ways. For fall break I am working 3 7 hour days in the Men's Locker Room and then being a lazy punk on Thursday and Friday. Originally we were going to go to Las Vegas for the Utah football game, but laziness reigns supreme. I am wracking my brain for a funny story or something witty to say and I am coming up dry. I had dinner with Steve and Kristen this weekend and it was nice to meet up with them and catch up, they have a beautiful new home and seem to be doing alright, so that was nice. Other than that I am done. Until next time I guess.

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Z and L Family said...

did you read on the sister blog that you are my hero. Thanks for going to priesthood with Grandpa. You are awesome!