Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Blog You Say??

Thats right everyone, I just recently remembered that I have one of these things. It has only been since spring break that I last made an entry, so this one may closely mirror my previous post. Different classes same story. I had two tests before this week, and they both went mediocre to fairly well. I hit the class average in Organic Chemistry, which isnt much of an accomplishment, but I guess you gotta take what you can get. In physics I have done fairly well so far and I think I did alright on my test, but wont know until after the break. Other than that my life continues in its increasingly boring ways. For fall break I am working 3 7 hour days in the Men's Locker Room and then being a lazy punk on Thursday and Friday. Originally we were going to go to Las Vegas for the Utah football game, but laziness reigns supreme. I am wracking my brain for a funny story or something witty to say and I am coming up dry. I had dinner with Steve and Kristen this weekend and it was nice to meet up with them and catch up, they have a beautiful new home and seem to be doing alright, so that was nice. Other than that I am done. Until next time I guess.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here I am, at the end of a pretty crappy week. Officially, I am now on spring break, no school or work for a week. I am pretty excited about this, because honestly, it has been a tough one. I had 2 tests on Wednesday, followed by a 10 page paper on Friday. This may not sound like a lot, but you see, I have a gift, I call it the gift of procrastination. I probably could have worked on this paper previously, but its almost like I need the impending doom of a pressing deadline to motivate me to do my best work. without a crunch from one side, I find it difficult to produce. I sat down at least 3 times in the previous 3 weeks, and would usually stare blankly at the white screen until I got a headache or lazy, whichever came first. (I bet you can guess.... and no, I didnt take much ibuprofen this week) needless to say, here I am at midnight, working on a paper that I have no desire to finish, 10 pages is a lot to write even when it is something I feel strongly about, or enjoy. but 10 pages on some lame paper that someone is going to read once kind of irks me. I mean honestly, where do they get off? Enough about my ranting, the main purpose of this blog is to free my mind and allow me write more easily. it seems that if you clear your head, your thoughts tend to leak out in a much more streamlined fashion, and writing stupid tedious papers becomes easier.
Not a whole lot else is new with me. School is chugging along, I feel that I did mediocre on the 2 tests I had earlier this week, clearly not a good indicator of how my study habits have been in the last few months. I am redoubling my efforts, and I am hopeful that this semester will still be marked as a W when all is said and done.I have tried to become a wee bit more socially active, much to my chagrin. I hate having to throw myself out into uncomfortable situations and feel what its like to be judged. I am finally attending the correct ward, all by myself. A new feeling, and I feel like it has given me some insight on how new converts and less active members feel. It is hard to be out of my comfort zone when not even 100 feet away are all of my friends and people who love me. Its an interesting condition, and one that I am not altogether enjoying. I hope to be able to look back and merit some sort of growth from it all, but time alone will tell.
Spring break should prove to be fun, some friends and I are going camping in southern Utah, San Rafael Swell to be precise. It will be a nice getaway, as much as I enjoy Salt Lake, I need to get out and remind myself what its like to not be stuck in a stupid city all day long. I guess that I am gonna go, I will take pictures on our trip, and maybe if we are lucky I will even put some up for everyone to see. Till next time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A night of randomness

As I habitually check everyone's blogs, I notice that I become upset when people dont write new things. Then I realized how unfair that is of me, and so in an effort to karmatically make everyone else write a new blog, I am writing a new blog. Not quite sure what this blog will contain yet, as I have a lot on my mind, and no real rhyme or reason with which to spout it off.
In an effort to update from my last blog, I feel like I have gotten out of the slump a bit and seem to be doing better with becoming and staying motivated. This is a happy thing for me. Nothin sucks worse than a slump. However the negative aspect of this is that I am starting to realize my many other flaws. It is always tough to realize that you arent as perfect as you feel like you are. haha! School is going well, I have some fun classes, and I am enjoying the subject matter in all of my classes. It is a new and different atmosphere at the U, but it is one I enjoy. Academia isnt something that I necessarily enjoy, but learning and applying things to what I see around me is wonderful, and it builds my testimony all the time just to see the way things work.
My physiology class is wonderful and challenging. I think part of the reason I lacked motivation was because I wasnt challenged. I feel like I tend to be like water a little too much in that I like to find the easy path and coast. However, I am trying to give myself new challenges and work on making myself better. I am happy with the results thus far and hope too see even more improvement.
Well, I ran out of steam rather fast, just a quick update, hope all is well with all.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Do Exist!

Well, first off let me apologize for my despondence. I don't mean to be a slacking blogger, but it is seriously hard to find new material when you live such a thrilling life. In case you couldn't tell, that was me being sarcastic. Life has been going for me lately. It would probably depend on the day whether or not I would say it is going well. I am now working at Circuit City and I'm not really a huge fan. I never did think I would like sales but now I understand why. It just seems to me that it is in some way taking advantage of people, by giving them things they dont need. So I believe I am a bad salesman. I wont sell people things that I wouldnt buy. Such is life, but I believe if you give up your morals what do you have left?
Hopping off of that soap box, I will now mount up on the next one. Christmas time has sprung and I am feeling somewhat festive. I refuse to listen to or do anything Christmas like, or Christmas esque until December the 1st. Call me a Scrooge, but I am a firm believer in Thanksgiving, because if I can't be thankful before I get a sense of the gimme gimme's count me out. Besides, eating until I cant anymore is the best kind of Holiday I can think of. To read more, see my tirade about this very subject from last year, no need to beat a dead horse, but it will give you a sense of what I am saying. I am thankful that we have all the millions of rights afforded to us so that we can be free to choose! It really is marvellous to me that we live in a place where I can voice my opinion and have as many people agree or disagree as they wish. I am grateful for my family, I dont do a very good job of showing it, but I am. God bless us, Everyone!
This may wind up being a longer entry, but it is to make up. I feel like I have been pretty lax in almost every aspect of my life lately, and I need some sort of catalyst. I am open to suggestions and look forward to finding a new sense of motivation and drive. I am just runnin on empty and not sure where to start to get back on track.
Anywho, I guess I ran out of all my good ideas, I am gonna try and be a better blogger, because I get ideas but no time to write them. Hope all is well wherever you readers are, and Have a Merry Christmas and an even better 2009!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend of Wonderful!

So, in case you cant infer, I had a pretty good weekend. In part because I didnt do any homework which I am still putting off... and also because I took a mini vacation. Sorry though, no pics, I didnt feel like bringing my camera. Such is life, you will recover. anywho, To keep with my previous song recommendation trend, Songs I enjoy lately are Come Around by Rhett Miller, and Also Go Getter Greg by Ludo. Check them out!

So, I flew out to Portland/Eugene Oregon for the weekend and even though it was a really fast and busy 1.5 days, It was much needed and quite nice. Portland is a wonderful city, and I want to go back again when I have a chance to actually sight see and get to know it better. I went for the wedding of my dear friends Nick and Pam. They were fantastic and I loved that I had the chance to go out and see them married. I know they will be a happy couple and look forward to spending more time with em. Also, while in Oregon we went to Eugene for the reception and we had the chance to go watch the Lady Utes in some sweet soccer action (thanks Katie and Amy!). They lost, but it was fun to go and see them play in a visiting atmosphere. We also got to see Autzen Stadium, home of the Ducks of Oregon. It was a cool place to see, even if it was by night.

After the Oregon experience we came home just in time for the home opener of the Utes and got to watch them Spank UNLV. Good times, I love college football. It makes me happy inside. After that I have been being lazy and putting off doin homework, (hence the blog) and life seems to be decently ok. I probably jinxed myself by saying that, but we will soon see. till next time.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's a boy to do?

I like the sound of this blog title.. it is a song by Mat Kearney, it sounds nice. Check him out.

Umm.. other than that random fact life seems to be continuing along eerily well. I finally came to the conclusion that if I think I am not in a rut and all is well, then most likely I am in a big rut. My last blog resulted in being a lot of smoke and mirrors, which brings me to some introspection. Why is it so easy to set lofty goals, only to fall right back into your old ways? What is it about human nature that makes us such weak creatures?? Dont get me wrong, during my long hours of introspection at work, I have concluded that definitively I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. I sincerely believe that too! But for some reason it is very hard for me to set my mind to doing things. Fear is a great and evil crippling device, and it works too efficiently I believe.

I wound up taking a semester off from school kind of, and am working for a while. I technically do have one class, gen chem, and it is going to be annoying, but not a hinderance. It is interesting for me to think about the persuit of education and what it means. I LOVE LOVE LOVE acquiring knowledge. I honestly think that if education was free I could sit down and study everything. unfortunately, my pocketbook and also my future family would not apprectiate this. But I am finding it difficult to think of all the school I have left. I mean is 5 or 6 more years really worth it? Thats a long time. I guess its something I have to work out for myself, but I am in a pensive mood, and have no one to talk to about it, seeing as how it is 12:34 AM. Blogging when its light outside is not nearly as effective.

I can't find anything more that is really too pressing that I feel like sharing with anyone who stumbles accross my blog. There is always something churning in my head though, and I would always love to run ideas past people if they dont mind listening to my incessant babble. Hit me up sometime, if your timing is right, I might even buy you dinner so you will listen to me. Over and out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, another kinda random update, life is getting better, but it is still meh. I am trying to mix things up a little and maybe become more active in the dating scene. I know I know, it goes against everything I stand for, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices.
Work is going pretty well, I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I had kind of a bad week last week though. I backed into a retaining wall and scratched the bumper on my truck, and then a day later I ran over a dog. It is kind of a funny story, but sad. The dog had been missing for a few weeks, so the owners had already made peace with the fact that the dog was gone. Anyhow, there were some crazy hippie ladies who stopped behind me and were freaking out about the dog, and trying to save it even though it wasn't moving. So long story short, I killed a dog in my work truck.
Good news, this weekend I met up with 2/3 of my blog readers and went to Corb and Aim's house for a b-day barbecue! It was so much fun to hang with them again! They are seriously the best ever and always make me happy to see them. (David, the other 1/3 of readership unfortunately wasnt there, but was missed)
I went home teaching today, and we talked about how fear keeps us from doing things in life. I got to thinking about it, and I really think that fear keeps me from doing most things that I dont do, good or bad. I guess maybe not as much bad, but definitely good. I just find it interesting that I let fear control so much of my life, especially when I dont consider myself as an easily scared person. We also talked about ways to conquer this fear, like doing the best you are able and leaving the rest up to the Lord. I realized that I need to take more risks, and leave my confort zone a little more often, because growth is what I am missing. It is a scary realization, but an important one. So for the month of August, Growth is my theme! and leaving my comfort zone in an effort to try and do new things. there will be updates, because one of the things I want to change is to stop being so lazy, and actually accomplish something. So there we go. a new blog.